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Maximise Fleet Safety and Savings with Gypsee Drivewell Rewards

Legacy GPS or Fleet Management solutions often leave fleets dealing with challenges like poor driver performance, retention and broken driver expense management resulting in substantial losses for fleet operators. Discover how Gypsee's innovative solutions light the way for fleets

Improve Driver Performance

Improve Driver Performance

Looking for substantial fuel savings? The Drivewell Rewards program gamifies key driver performance metrics that directly impact your fleet's profitability. Promote eco-friendly driving practices, achieving impressive fuel savings of up to 15%.

Suraj -Fleet manager

The program's gamified approach has helped us meet our service level agreement for our customers as well as win new businesses.

Enhance Driver Retention

Struggling with driver retention? Reward drivers for fuel-efficient driving, reduce engine idling, encourage safe driving habits, timely vehicle inspections, and ensure on-time deliveries. Experience a remarkable 25% increase in driver retention rates.

Sainath Reddy - Employee transportation

Drivewell reward Program has made our drivers happier leading to increased job satisfaction and longer-term commitments.

Enhance driver retention
Streamline Driver Exprenses

Streamline Driver Expenses

In the middle of fleet expense chaos? DriveWell Rewards Fleet fuel Card simplifies expense management. No more manual expense reporting or receipt maintenance for drivers. The fleet fuel cards automate expense tracking, making it rewarding for drivers and convenient for fleet managers.

Nageshwar - Logistics manager

Drivewell rewards fleet cards have helped us maximise savings on our fleet expenses.

Here’s How it works ?

Discover How Gypsee's Drivewell Rewards Program Works

Track Driver Performance


Instant Guidance


Play to Win


Get Drivers Engaged


Encourage Driver Loyalty


Gypsee’s performance tracking platform keeps an eye on various driver aspects like behaviour, fuel efficiency, vehicle health, route compliance, and trip expenses. It works by collecting information through telematics and GPS data.


Our interactive system gives drivers on-the-spot advice based on the collected details. This advice helps them learn to drive more safely and save fuel.

Play to win copy

Gypsee features a game-like reward system. Drivers earn 'safe coins' for following these guidelines. These coins can be redeemed through our Drivewell care program for healthcare benefits for drivers.


Gypsee rewarding setup excites drivers, encouraging them to improve and save more. It fosters friendly competition among drivers to earn more rewards.

Encourage driver loyalty

By rewarding drivers for doing better, we encourage a sense of job satisfaction and loyalty. This leads to minimise business losses and maximise safety and savings.

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Rewarding people behind the wheels for safer, smarter driving


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