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Benefits of Safety Tracker

Let’s make your every drive safest, smartest & happiest.

Improved Driving Habits & Behaviours

Do you know 93% of road accidents happen due to human error?

So why can’t we correct it & save the lives of ours and others?

Gypsee alerts you when you do rash driving. So how about receiving alerts on harsh braking, acceleration, over-speeding, sharp turns and high RPM? Believe us it helps you drive safer and better than before. Let’s drive safe and ensure safety to everyone riding on the road. After all, life is precious. Hold it with both hands.

Alerts On Critical Aspects Of Your Car

Do you know driving safely can increase the life of your car as well?

How much have you spent to buy your dream car? Think of it!

Thought? Maybe lacs, how much do you spend on just maintaining it? Think, Think! Gypsee predictive alerts on Driving Habits, Engine, Battery, Coolant, Gear & Clutch enables you to take extra care of your dream car & driving as well. What’s bad in solving those minor car issues before they become major problems?

Intelligent Car Scanner For Your Car

Do you have a pocket doctor for your beloved car?

Or you love spending your hard-earned money on a car scan every time?

There is no need to spend money on a car scan any more. Gypsee’s Intelligent Car Scanner tells you – your car’s real-time health and performance just on a click. It helps you prevent those unexpected breakdowns. Let’s welcome “Best Car Scanner in India” home & save loads of money on your car maintenance needs. 

Smart Document Manager For You

Do you know a smart technology which tells you when to service your car?

How often do you forget to renew PUC, RC & Insurance?

Well! Gypsee is your ultimate destination to resolve such problems. It monitors your car engine & kilometres driven data to determine when your car needs servicing. It sends you reminders accordingly. Smart, isn’t it? Other than that, you get reminders for Insurance, PUC & RC Renewal as well to ensure you are always one step ahead.

Smart GPS Tracker For Your Car

How many times you couldn’t locate your car in the parking?

With family along, stuff in hands, was it a pleasant experience? of course No.

Say bye bye to such unpleasant experiences with our smart GPS tracking device meant for personal use. Now don’t waste even a second on finding your car instead enjoy your time with the family and friends. No spoilers at all, just the happy time. With Gypsee let’s make all your trips a memory to cherish.

Roadside Assistance & Towing Services

How many times have you been left stranded on the road?

What did you do when it happened? How fast did you receive the help?

Think of those unexpected car breakdowns? We know those are not memories to be recalled. However now with Gypsee on demand pay as you use car roadside assistance & towing services, you need not to worry about any such breakdowns. No need to google “ Roadside Assistance Services Near me anymore” Just download the app and tap on assistance.

Offers On Car Repairs & Car Servicing

Ever thought of great offers from the best car service centers?

Ever thought of savings on the amount which you spend on your car servicing every year?

If not yet, then start thinking & availing the offers listed on our website & app. Offers for car repairs, car servicing, car wash, car spa, painting, denting, detailing from Asia’s best garages. Only for Gypsee Users, get exciting offers on your every car repair and servicing guaranteed. get the best at the least price.

Say Hello Gypsee & Navigate Anywhere

Have you ever noticed your one hand on steering & other on mobile, setting maps?

Did you ever realize that’s a distracted driving pattern?

Gypsee supports google assistant to ensure there is no distracted navigation. Just tap and say, navigate me to “Chandni Chowk” and it does the work. That’s not it, just tap and say “play music! Yuppie! it does. A smart choice for all the smart riders out there. Discover a new way of driving your car with us.

Why Us

Order now and drive safer

Always the real thing, always the smart safe car.
Hurry Up!


On demand pay as you use roadside assistance and towing services Pan India. So never worry when your car breaks down, your safety is our duty.


Helps you to drive your car safely & safeguard the lives of your loved ones. Let’s fulfill your duty towards family, friends & society together.


Now exclusive offers are your new rewards for a safe & secure drive. Let’s drive safe & avail exciting offers on your car related services every time.


Ensures you save up to 15 thousands annually on your car maintenance cost. Essentially, reducing your cost of owning a car.

How It Works


Plug GYPSEE in OBD port of your car.


Scan QR code to get the app.


Pair GYPSEE with android mobile app.


Redeem safe driving offers to avail assistance services.

Trusted By

Press Coverage

See & Believe


Our mission is to make the roads most secure and save a great many lives each day, month and year. Lets join hands together.
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