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Let’s accelerate the business, accelerate
the growth together.

When it comes to becoming a partner with Gypsee, you must be thinking why should you do that? This is a common question that hits your head while you decide to join hands with us. Partnering with Gypsee enables you to genuinely care for your customer base.

When a customer comes to your Service Centers, your aim is to earn him for the lifetime but just giving him usual services wouldn’t help you do that, you need to differentiate your offerings from other centres & showcase your genuine concerns towards him.

The Gypsee Drive Club has many benefits. However, our mission of establishing a culture of safe & responsible driving and incentivizing our riders for that is the most essential piece of our value proposition. We empower you to contribute to each rider’s driving safety, his car’s health & performance, cost savings, and many more.

Our Partner Benefits

Value-added services for the customers applicable to all our retailers/distributors. These services instill the thought of being cared for in your customer’s minds. Let’s do our best for our customers.

Make money with minimum investment and become a Gypsee partner now. We help you in differentiating your offerings from other service providers, consequently increasing your sales.

Sell better with publishing your own offer to Gypsee customer base and make more money. It’s as simple as it sounds, make our customers yours by giving them lucrative offers to do so.

Our mission is to make the roads most secure and save a great many lives each day, month and year. Lets join hands together.
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