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How To Apply For Driving Licence Online | RC Online

How To Apply For Driving Licence Online | RC Online

Apply Driving Licence Online | How To Apply RC Online ?

You don’t have to visit the RTO office anymore!! Yes, you heard it right!!

RTO comes home to you. Get your life back on track in no time so you can continue to focus on the important things.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has introduced new guidelines, allowing applicants to apply to renew a Driving License or a Registration Certificate in the comfort of their home taking note of rising Covid-19 in the country.

What does this mean?

The Internet has made things easy for us in many ways. Gone are the days when you had to visit the RTO, stand in a queue for long hours to submit a DL application.

Now you can do most of the tasks online. Some of the most important RTO-related tasks you can do online these days. Some of the tasks we can do online are:

  • Apply for a DL and submit all the required/necessary documents
  • Book an appointment to visit the RTO
  • Apply for DL renewal
  • Download a copy of your DL

The government of India has notified Aadhaar-based authentication of 18 services including learner’s licence, licence renewal, duplicate licence and hence applicants can avoid visiting RTO offices.

Benefits of the scheme

Apply for a driving licence online is sure a big convenience without the need of visiting the RTO office anymore. The government has decided to roll out new guidelines for renewing and applying for a driving license.

Yes, as per the new rules, the entire process for people applying for learning driving licenses has been made online.

Although, even in the wake of COVID-19 the government will not be pushing the last date further, as per the new guidelines, you can renew or make a new driving license at home.

Here, the application form, printing and other formalities are easily available on the internet.

Also, the ones who are trying to renew their DLs, surrendering their driving license, and making use of other documents like medical certificates etc, all it is possible online now.

notified Aadhaar-based authentication of 18 services including learner’s licence, licence renewal, duplicate licence and hence applicants can avoid visiting RTO offices.

This will reduce the compliance burden on citizens, helping them to avail these services in a hassle-free, contactless manner. This will also reduce the footfall in the RTO office, which will further increase the efficiency of the RTO offices as well.

Below are 18 services that can be availed by people online through their aadhar authentication:

  • Learner’s License
  • Renewal of Driving License for which test of competence to drive is not required
  • Duplicate Driving License
  • Change of Address in Driving License and Certificate of Registration
  • Issue of International Driving Permit
  • Surrender of Class of Vehicle from License
  • Application for Temporary Registration of motor vehicle
  • Application for Registration of motor vehicle with a fully built body
  • Application for issue of duplicate Certificate of Registration
  • Application for Grant of NOC for Certificate of Registration
  • Notice of Transfer of Ownership of motor vehicle
  • Application for Transfer of Ownership of motor vehicle
  • Intimation of Change of Address in Certificate of Registration
  • Application for registration for driver training from Accredited Driver training centre.
  • Application for registration of motor vehicle of Diplomatic Officer
  • Application for assignment of Fresh Registration Mark of a motor vehicle of Diplomatic Officer
  • Endorsement of hire-purchase agreement
  • Termination of hire-purchase agreement.

 Go to https://vahan.nic.in/nrservices/ to avail services listed below from the comfort of your home.

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