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What benefits are included with purchase of gypsee drive?

Gypsee is an AI driven connected car genie that helps you in safe driving & rewards you for that as well. 

It instantly turns your car into a smart car & gives you an improved driving experience which is better, safer and smarter than before. 

Key Benefits

  1. It gives you real-time car health & performance reports to prevent unexpected breakdowns and to save nearly 50%-70% on your car maintenance cost.
  2. It gives you alerts on your bad driving habits to ensure fuel efficient & safe driving on the road.
  3. It gives you smart reminders for your next car servicing, PUC, RC & Insurance renewal.
  4. On demand pay as you use RSA & Towing services, so if stuck on the road due to an unexpected car breakdown. Don’t worry! just call Gypsee for help. 
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