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Who is Gypsee?

Gypsee is the fastest growing connected, safest and most affordable connected car genie that delivers you hassle free driving experience. With smart gypsee drive app now you can get on demand pay as you use towing/roadside assistance on your figure tip.

The Gypsee drive on demand assistance is backed by Gypsee’s fast, safe, and reliable service and a nationwide network of service providers. Built using modern technology, Gypsee’s drive monitors your car performance and connects you to associate service provider when you need it. It allows you to track the status of your service in real time and watch as help arrives in an Uber-like experience. The Gypsee pay as you use assistance is most affordable compared to other similar subscriptions. And also includes top-notch benefits like service gift voucher, accommodation discounts, ride-hailing service, and discount on auto insurances.

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