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Who is Gypsee?

Gypsee is the fastest growing connected, safest and most affordable connected car genie that delivers you hassle free driving experience. With smart gypsee drive app now you can get on demand pay as you use towing/roadside assistance on your figure tip.

The Gypsee drive on demand assistance is backed by Gypsee’s fast, safe, and reliable service and a nationwide network of service providers. Built using modern technology, Gypsee’s drive monitors your car performance and connects you to associate service provider when you need it. It allows you to track the status of your service in real time and watch as help arrives in an Uber-like experience. The Gypsee pay as you use assistance is most affordable compared to other similar subscriptions. And also includes top-notch benefits like service gift voucher, accommodation discounts, ride-hailing service, and discount on auto insurances.

What benefits are included with purchase of gypsee drive?

Gypsee is an AI driven connected car genie that helps you in safe driving & rewards you for that as well. 

It instantly turns your car into a smart car & gives you an improved driving experience which is better, safer and smarter than before. 

Key Benefits

  1. It gives you real-time car health & performance reports to prevent unexpected breakdowns and to save nearly 50%-70% on your car maintenance cost.
  2. It gives you alerts on your bad driving habits to ensure fuel efficient & safe driving on the road.
  3. It gives you smart reminders for your next car servicing, PUC, RC & Insurance renewal.
  4. On demand pay as you use RSA & Towing services, so if stuck on the road due to an unexpected car breakdown. Don’t worry! just call Gypsee for help. 

What is Uber/Ola with tow?

Sometimes riding in the tow truck just doesn’t work. You may have too many passengers or you just prefer to carry on with your day and not go immediately to the shop. With our membership, you have a ride-hailing benefit of INR that can be requested on each tow event.

Are all vehicle types covered?

No. We only offer services to cars now. Also vehicles must be used for personal use only, no commercial use.

Do I need to buy a subscription to avail the services?

Gypsee drive club offers pay as you use towing/roadside assistance services. And it comes absolutely free for one time valid for one year with purchase of gypsee drive.

How far can I have my vehicle towed?

For registered gypsee drive club user covers a tow service with up to 25km included in your tow. Tows of a longer distance are available for an additional fee.

How long does it take to receive service?

Wait times depend on demand for service, the service provider’s location relative to your disablement site, and traffic conditions. Once your service request is received, you’ll get a text message from gypsee with a link to track the progress of your service. You can watch the service provider live on the map and receive updates on their estimated time of arrival. You can also call the service provider directly.

Can I request service online or through an app?

At this time, in order to serve you most efficiently, please call the dedicated phone number to request service. We are high-tech but also high-touch. We have found our members prefer a warm voice in a time of need followed by industry-leading tech once a service event has been created.

Can I request service immediately after purchase?

Coverage begins one week after enrolment, but gypsee is available to assist you via on-demand services immediately at a favourable members-only rate.

Where do I buy and how frequently my card will be charged?

It will be only charged when you use our services.

Can my spouse/partner/child/friend use these benefits?

The benefits of your gypsee drive club are available to any authorized driver of the registered vehicle. You can provide any authorized driver access to the club benefits by sharing the dedicated service phone number and your unique drive club registration number.

Can I add an additional vehicle to my gypsee drive purchase?

The gypsee drive assistance is specific to the registered vehicle.

Can friends & family track my roadside assistance services?

Absolutely! You can share your roadside assistance with friends and family so they can monitor the progress of your service event. Simply copy the link delivered to you via text message and sends it to your loved ones, and they’ll see your service provider’s estimated time of arrival and be able to watch in real time as help arrives.

Can I cancel the order placed & how the refund will be processed?

Cancellation policy
Cancellation by Customers:
Once an order is placed, it can only be cancelled before it shipped to the provided destination. Once, the cancellation request received, Gypsee will initiate the process of refunding to customer’s account, via same payment mode that the customer’s used to make the transaction or through cheque.
Cancellation by Gypsee:
Gypsee reserve the right at its sole discretion to refuse or cancel any order.
NOTE: In the event that the amount has been deducted from your account but the transaction failed, we will refund the amount to your account at the earliest. For any assistance please write to us at [email protected]

Don’t see the answers to your burning questions? Drop us a line at [email protected]

Gypsee drive club provides connected, safest and most affordable nationwide, 24/7/365 towing/road side assistance. We help to get you back on the road.
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