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Get The Best 24×7 On Road Assistance Near Me

Get The Best 24×7 On Road Assistance Near Me

Get best Towing & RSA Services.

She isn’t got just four wheels & engine. She is home.

Hello Everyone! Your love to your car is very much unconditional as you put in so much love and your hard earned money to buy that. Those four wheels have made every moment of your life so special, so taking care of it, is an integral part to maintain the health of your most secured asset. Hence, we have come up with Gypsee Drive Club to give you an experience of connected driving. Just imagine you are travelling to your favorite destination to spend some quality time with your loved ones and your car suffers an unexpected break down, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Gypsee Drive Club acts as a boon in times of such need and helps you in towing your immobilized car due to electrical/mechanical failure to the nearest garage for free other than that our Road Side Assistance is a service made available to you for a number of different situations wherein you need external help due to mechanical breakdown, Battery Jump Start, Flat Tyre Assistance, Fuel Delivery, Lockout Service, Emergency Message Relay etc. Most of these services enables you to contact the concerned via phone or text. On being notified, we will send a Petrol Vehicle to your car location and will help you in getting your car restarted or get it towed to a repairer.

Let’s become a member of Gypsee Drive Club & experience smart driving to stay prepared for anything unexpected having potential to spoil your either mood, vacation, time & of course your love of life; the one and only your ‘CAR’.

Drive Safe & Smart with Gypsee Drive Club.

Download the Gypsee application or visit the website www.gypsee.ai 

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