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Complete Car Care | The Best Car Service & Repair In India

Complete Car Care | The Best Car Service & Repair In India

The Best Smart Car Service Center Near Me

So let’s start it with a few questions.

  1. How about knowing your customer’s car’s upcoming problems in advance?
  2. How about helping your customer drive safely and reward them for driving safe ?
  3. How about knowing your customers upcoming car related requirements and managing the inventory accordingly?
  4. How about planning your workforce & forecasting demand basis actionable information?

Gypsee Smart Car Service Centres –  It’s a platform that uses technology and machine learning to assist garage owners in better understanding and managing  their consumers, resulting in more sales appointments, better retention, sales forecasting and management of inventory.

We Have created an Intelligent Driving System” as a driver aid technology innovation to reduce the risk of accidents and improve the safety of the drivers. When installed in your customers’ car, the device shows you real-time diagnostic data streaming on our dashboard.

The dashboard accesses the data memory of the control units and the on-board electronics and evaluates or analyzes them. For this purpose, stored data from the vehicle’s electronics is evaluated, which is essential for the detection of faults.

Looking at the data, you can develop a fair understanding of your customer’s current car health and can easily know any current or upcoming problems related to the car.

So what are you waiting for? Remember only proactive and data driven businesses will sustain the seismic changes and thrive.

So to thrive, discard that traditional service centre model and become smart enough to predict the upcoming business, approach with customized offers, manage the inventory accordingly, plan your workforce and enhance your customers’ experience with you.

The proactive approach often helps you win the game. The three key benefits of Gypsee Smart Service Centres are explained better below.

New Business Opportunity

This is about Building Real-Time Analytics on Connected Car Data. With an ever-increasing number of data-generating sensors installed in a broader range of smart devices and objects, there is an evident and increasing need to acquire data.

With this, suitably equipped vehicles can communicate traffic and operating information, such as Vehicle diagnostics (DTC’S), Vehicle performance parameters (PID’S) and Service updates, to cloud-based repositories and can increase the workflow of new opportunities in business.

The potential to react in real-time to sensor readings is essential in a variety of vehicle and traffic applications.

Detecting trends and abnormalities in driving behaviour, analysing traffic circumstances, routing vehicles appropriately, and spotting preventative maintenance opportunities are just a few of the applications.

Our dashboard helps you keep a watchful eye on numerous automotive performance indicators. The dashboard provides real-time remote monitoring and diagnostic information to service centres and garage owners.

It further helps them to identify new business opportunities as you have data supporting your customers’ car health.  You know –  What’s wrong with the car! You know what could possibly go wrong with the car and how can you prevent it from happening?

So, be ready to communicate the car problems identified to your customers, offer a discounted price or maybe some complementary services, convert and repair those problems at your garage. Are you ready for it?

This data also enables you to reduce corrective maintenance pays and promote preventive maintenance pays for your customers as you know how severe a tiny car problem could be if not repaired on time.

Tell us – Why wait until those tiny car problems turn into big car troubles? Fix them on time and help your customers to save big on car maintenance costs.

That’s how this proactive approach will help you gain more customers, gain their trust and gain their loyalty.

Engage, Retain and Offers

How about cultivating an engaged community of committed users who don’t only buy your services but also feel like they’re a part of a community?

Gypsee rewards car owners with great offers, deals and discounts on a lot of things for their systematic healthy driving style and behaviour. It utilizes gamification techniques backed by behavioural research to strengthen and enrich an already engaging user experience.

Having a great Customer Experience can vastly improve customer retention and customer satisfaction thereby enhancing the opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling the products and services.

Your customers get to unlock new and exciting offers with healthy driving scores and measures.  Using Gypsee as a platform you can engage better with your customers.

We can together build a safe driving community wherein the modern service centres motivate drivers to drive safely, offering them exciting deals & discounts for the same.

And this restores your customers faith in you which consequently strengthens your bond with your customers and ensures their loyalty lies with you.

And of course, don’t forget to post your offers on our website as it will enhance your customer reach, presence and popularity.

Operational excellence

With real-time diagnostic data shown on our dash-board, service centres can optimise the workforce, forecast sales and manage inventory way better than before.

Gypsee gives you the driving data with which you can accurately assess –

  1. How likely a person to have a car problem.  
  2. Assess the auto parts & fixtures requirements.  
  3. Acquire them on time to deliver an excellent customer experience.
  4. Forecast the sales.
  5. Plan the manpower required to handle the upcoming business.
  6. Plan the budgets.
  7. Plan the marketing.
  8. Save on time for both – garage owners & customers.
  9. Post repair monitoring.
  10. Deliver the best customer service.

Since you have an understanding of current & upcoming car problems of your customers.  You can create a customised offer based on the data and enhance conversion rates.

It’s always better to know the needs of your customers and plan accordingly, after all the customers are the kings. A strong operation is the backbone of any business, so be aware of all the whats, the whys, and the hows.

To know more about how Gypsee is a great buy for car owners, visit gypsee.ai or download the ‘Gypsee Drive Safe’ application from Playstore.



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