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Gypsee & Safety Go Hand In Hand

Gypsee & Safety Go Hand in Hand

Safety is one of the most essential factors that one should look at while driving a vehicle. One should pay full attention while driving a vehicle and completely avoid any distractions. While driving a vehicle the responsibility for one’s life and the life of others rests with the driver of the vehicle. Driving safety is something to be taken very seriously. Safe driving not only saves lives but also provide other benefits that can save money.

Driving Behaviours

Being responsible while driving a motor vehicle is very important. A lot of accidents are avoidable, as long as the drivers are aware of their surroundings and make smart decisions. When driving a motor vehicle, you are tasked with many responsibilities and must be fully aware of your surroundings, focused on the road and nothing else. The Driving Behaviours are those distinct behaviours, every driver has and are unique in their driving characteristic (also referred to as Driving style). They vary between drivers according to their ages, genders, ethnicities, driving experiences, emotions, and so forth. Driver Behaviour Monitoring is more important these days as:

  • If bad driving is detected, in a driver, it can be modified into fuel-efficient driving by retraining your drivers
  • A long-term strategy for the safety of Car and people
  • Drivers will be aware of how they impact global costs and feel more involved
  • Cost-saving as abuse/misuse of assets can be detected and prevented
  • Compliance with law and regulation
  • Speeding violations to be recorded for safety, and improved

How GYPSEE helps you with safe driving?

Gypsee monitors your Driving Behaviour reports on important events such as accidents, rollovers, and Overspeed events. This is fundamental to ensuring the safety of all drivers meanwhile helping you to be a better driver and good citizen. Gypsee Devices can be installed in the car connected to the OBD and provides in-cab alerts and feedback to drivers on their driving behaviour for the following:

Speed Monitoring

Monitor speeding events via speed reports and alerts which can be used to control and limit rash driving. Gypsee Drive helps you detect when drivers are violating posted speed limits. It provides in-cab alerts and feedback to drivers when over the speed limit.

Harsh Event Monitoring

Gypsee Drive Safe provides harsh event monitoring which sends instant notifications at times every time they apply harsh brakes. People involved in an accident so immediate, life-saving action can be taken. Harsh acceleration, braking and cornering alerts prevent vehicle abuse and promote safe driving.

Location Tracking

Gypsee alerts allow keep-out and no-go zones to be established. The time Car spend at locations can be tracked to optimize workflow, reducing dead time, and preventing time theft.

In-Vehicle Alerts

Gypsee Device can be configured to provide feedback to the driver for Vehicle Alerts. It notifies drivers when:

  • They have been driving very long (driver fatigue)
  • They are over their speed limit
  • On recordings of harsh driving events

Engine Hours and Idling

Sends report on trip times, moving time, and idle time which can be used to:

  • Monitor the odometer and run hours of an asset for preventative maintenance
  • Detect when vehicle/engine is left running unnecessarily (wasting fuel)

To know more about how Gypsee is a great buy for car owners, visit gypsee.ai or download the ‘Gypsee Drive Safe’ application from Playstore.

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