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Telematics Solutions For Safer Road In India

Telematics Solutions For Safer Road In India

Safer Roads With Gypsee Telematics Solutions

Gypsee Intelligent Driving System for safer roads!

Telematics solutions trusted by pioneers of the industry. 

Be in your A-Game of business by making use of telematics in Motor Insurance . 

The best telematics platform to Understand, Predict & Prevent Gypsee uses driver behaviour intelligence to understand driver-centric risks, risk based pricing, predict car crashes and help customers drive safe. 

Achieve sustainable growth with the most advanced mobile telematics platform. 

Let actionable insights drive your business to grow substantially. Our robust AI and machine learning algorithms help insurers to collect, store & analyse the driving data of the customers. The insurers can analyse the driving data of the customers and use the insights to mitigate insurer risks, personalized pricing, facilitate easy claims and enhance customer experience.”

End distracted driving & save millions of lives.

Safety is the core of Gypsee’s heart and we are here to ensure everyone’s safety on the road by putting an end to distracted driving behaviours. 

As an innovation of driver assistance technology, Gypsee has developed an Intelligent Driving System” to obviate risk of accidents and enhance driving safety. The system focuses on 2 key factors: 

1.Telematics or Usage Based Insurance Pricing 

Track, store and analyze driving data for an enhanced customer base,  improved claims, profitability & retention. 

Data driven driving infrastructure is the new competitive advantage for insurance companies. 

With Telematics Motor Insurance or UBI, you can understand the risk associated with a particular policy. It efficiently monitors and measures the driving behaviors like speeding, harsh stops, harsh acceleration, sharp turns along with mileage and the time of day you drive.

It reveals how better or worse someone drives the car and this real-time data is used to make decisions about insurance premium or pricing.Therefore, a safe driver will pay less premium as compared to someone who is a rash driver and utilizes the car a lot. So don’t lose on your valued customers & business advantage.

Smart Pricing

Let’s understand how your customers drive the car.

Helps you understand what happens behind the wheel and  how much risk is involved. So you can focus on moving from generalization to personalization of the motor insurance policies. 

Enables you to make the right use of best insurance rating variables: 

  1. Speed
  2. Braking 
  3. Acceleration 
  4. Frequency of Usage
  5. Duration of Usage 
  6. Mileage 
  7. Driver Distraction 

DriveSafe Rewards 

Rewards to encourage & engage.

How about building an engaged community of loyal customers who don’t only buy your services but feel part of a broader experience? With Gypsee, you can actually do it.  Because it uses gamification tactics backed by behavioral sciences to convert already compelling digital experience into a richer and more interactive one. Your best customers are now rewarded and encouraged to drive safe. 

Sustainable Growth 

Identify the safe drivers and on-borad your most profitable customers. 

What if you could know how good or bad your customers drive ? And can approximate the cost of their risks. Gypsee provides you with the driving data to assess accurately “how likely a person is to be involved in an accident and what their expected costs might be”. Based on the information, you can make a personalized offer and increase conversion rates. 

Your customers get someone to take care of on the road and of course a chance to save on car insurance.

2.Telematics or Usage Based Claims

The best claim philosophy is proactive and integrated 

Reactive claims process is tedious, costly, fallible and often leaves customers resentful and angry due to the massive amount of bureaucracy involved. Reactive claims process – When an accident happens, a driver is put in a world of stress. Along with managing the emotional strain that is a car accident, there is a lot of paperwork, manual incident data gathering and validating details. 

The entire process becomes a time and money drain for both sides. However, Telematics data makes the claims process proactive. You know when your customers are in a crash , you can proactively reach out to them, giving assistance and arranging emergency and towing services if needed.

The data gives you accurate insights about how the incident has happened. So you can review the incident details before you receive or make  calls – enhancing customer experience and accelerating  the claims.  

Gypse CrashCare

Be there in times of need. With the help of our platform, you know when your customers are in a crash.  You can proactively reach out to take care of them, help them get emergency services, and inform the family. Quickly settle the claim to ease the physical, emotional and mental stress of your customers. 

Gypsee CrashCare puts you ahead of the game, allowing you to save your customers’ lives while also saving you money on each claim.

Gypsee AdjustersEase 

Adjusters life made easy with telematics data.

AdjustersEase helps you cut the time and resources it takes to handle claims, using digital FNOL and telematics data. Your adjusters have fast access to customer driving data, which cuts down on fraud and also lowers loss adjustment costs. 

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