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Benefits of Drive Club

Let’s make your every drive safest, smartest & happiest.

Driving Goal

Your smart driving assistant helps you drive safely & rewards you for that as well.

Intelligent Car Scanner

Scan your car and stay informed about your car’s health to prevent breakdown.

One Tap Assistance

Get on-demand, pay as you use towing/roadside assistance services.

Service Updates

Keeps you updated with service reminders and updates about exciting offers.

Personal GPS Tracker

Smart tracking solution for personal use so stay connected & share trip details with family and friends.

Google Voice Assistant

Just tap and say navigate me to HSR and your car will drive you HSR.

Why Us

Order now and save Rs. 493

Original MRP Rs. 2493. Discounted Price
@ Rs. 2000 from Gypsee and Amazon website.
Hurry Up!


INR 2500 worth of towing service up to 20 km free of cost, in case your vehicle needs to be towed.


INR 750 worth of RSA service one time free of cost.


INR 500 rupees gift voucher on car servicing from our business partners in selected cities.


Referral can earn you one time RSA service of INR 750 free of cost.


Total Saving INR 5000

How It Works


Plug GYPSEE in OBD port of your car.


Scan QR code to get the app.


Pair GYPSEE with android mobile app.


Redeem safe driving points to avail assistance services.

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Our mission is to make the roads most secure and save a great many lives each day, month and year. Lets join hands together.
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