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Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

Andrew Carnegie

Our Mentors

Navdeep Arora

An Harvard Alumni and one of our key mentors. He has served as a senior partner in both Mckinsey and KPMG. He strategically invests in Insurance Technology through start-ups, partnerships, and venture funding. His intellect, depth of expertise and knowledge, his ability to network and bring out the best in a person has helped me connect the best of academics and research with real-world and practitioner insights.

Yvv Raghava

Management Consultant and Executive Coach, he has over 28 years of corporate experience in multiple domains. With capability to create centres of excellence and build operational efficiency and enhance profitability in geographically different lines and units of business. He is one of the strongest pillars of the foundation laid down. He is our go to person for growth of our business and corporate consultancies.

Tamaghna basu

Tamaghna is one of our most reliable, trustful and expert mentors. With more than 15 years of experience in cyber security and software development – both in product and consulting industries. He helps various companies to build in-house expertise and process to tackle various cyber security issues and incidents.He is one who has deep insights and a better understanding of the problem which he further uses to find the best solution possible.

Ganesha shetty

When someone says accounts, the next name we hear in our office is his. Ganesh is a Chartered Accountant with an excellent track record of over 2 decades in establishing business with hands-on experience in Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Investment Banking, Business Development & Client Relationship Management working in NBFC’s, Housing Finance Companies and Infrastructure Finance Companies.

Our Founders

Vikash Verma


Our beloved founder took it upon himself to make the roads and streets of India a haven for the drivers and pedestrians alike. The perfect blend of a visionary and a leader with heaps of dedication and focus and tablespoon of humor and friendliness. Apart from being an excellent role model for the company’s employees, He is a commended artist. His VFX work is lauded by his peers and competitors alike. We are glad to have such a holistic person as our founder. He is extremely experienced in Strategic planning and Customer experience.

Jay Bhaskar


A Block-chain and Machine learning expert. He is the technical side of the company. He is highly experienced in his field. He has worked for numerous companies, who all feel just like us that his presence brightens up the room. His ideas and thinking process is to be adored for. He is the Dexter to our Laboratory. He has impressive record of being a project specialist and business consultant. His understanding of customers, market & technical advancements make him the best leader to head the technical team of our organization.

Jashim Mollick


He is the guy we call when someone says section -random number- of the Indian Penal Code. He is experienced Team Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. He is also skilled in Legal Advice, Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property, Civil Litigation, Corporate Law and Strategy, e discovery and data secrecy. Strong information technology professional with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) focused in Legal from University of Burdwan. He has very reliable understanding of corporate law.

Prity Verma


Being our In house marketing expert and one of the co-founders of Gypsee.AI, She is always ready to take up new challenges and ace them every single time. She is a charismatic and empathetic employee allowing her to make absolutely brilliant pitches to client. Her tremendous drive to make connections and build relationships has benefitted every company she has worked for. She is the perfect combination of grace and intellect. She has good groundling on Project Managing and marketing.

Deepak Walia


He is our out reach and growth expert. He is the reason that thousands of people come to know about Gypsee and have the amazing experience that we all know and love with Gypsee. Along with Gypsee.AI, he has also cofounded Grolo Agro-Tech Services and worked on multiple high profile projects like from Alibaba.com and Incenco Direct. Deepak is highly proficient with his management skills which leave us in awe of him. He is skilled in Strategic sales management.

Pourush Bhatt


He is an automotive engineer & enthusiast who loves to explore new technologies. He is always keen to discover new ways & offerings in the automotive ecosystem. He is a start-up man, previously founded a start-up named Zelton foods, which was an Agritech and nutraceutical based startup, in that he had developed some products. He has been active in the startup ecosystem from past 5 years and is skilled in Product management, Product development and customer development.

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