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My 18 years old son is just so fond of driving and never misses an opportunity to escape with my car. But whenever he is driving on the roads, I am worried for his safety. I heard of Gypsee from a  friend of mine, he told me the app really helps you to drive safely and instill a sense of responsible driving in the rider. Without a second thought, I bought it and gave it to my son. He initially was not that interested but soon he started liking the way Gypsee was guiding him to drive safe and rewarding him as well for that. He is now like Dad. I have received a free Pizza for driving safely. Let’s have a Pizza party together. Thanks Gypsee !!!

Arun Kumar

I didn’t directly buy Gypsee, I bought Gypsee smart insurance and got Gypsee for free with it. At first I thought Gypsee to be just another car app out there but after using it just for a few days I was really surprised. It delivers what’s being promised.
Gypsee helped me to drive safely, I would say my driving is somewhat changed after using it. I am more attentive & aware of road safety norms & rules and the best motivation is the rewards I’m receiving for it. It has many other benefits as well which makes your car smart, connected & protected. 

Rajesh Roy

It was night 11 0′clock and we were driving back to home from our weekend vacation. I started feeling difficulty in controlling the vehicle and gradually the vehicle speed was dropping down and it stopped. There were three people in the car: me, my wife and my daughter.
We did not have any idea what had gone wrong with our car, we opened the Gypsee app where it was flashing an error code and suggesting to call assistance for help. We dialed Gypsee assistance, their assistance team came and helped to bring us back on to the road without much hassle. Keep up the good work. Thanks Gypsee !!!

Mukesh Kumar Sharma

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