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Gypsee Smart Service Centres – It’s a platform that uses technology and machine learning to assist garage owners in better understanding and managing their consumers, resulting in more sales appointments, better retention, sales forecasting and management of inventory.
Gypsee has created an Intelligent Driving System” as a driver aid technology innovation to reduce the risk of accidents and improve the safety of the drivers. When installed in your customers’ car, the device shows you real-time diagnostic data streaming on our dashboard.
The dashboard accesses the data memory of the control units and the on-board electronics and evaluates or analyzes them. For this purpose, stored data from the vehicle’s electronics is evaluated, which is essential for the detection of faults.
Looking at the data, you can develop a fair understanding of your customer’s current car health and can easily know any current or upcoming problems related to the car. So what are you waiting for? Remember only proactive and data driven businesses will sustain the seismic changes and thrive.
So to thrive, discard that traditional service centre model and become smart enough to predict the upcoming business, approach with customized offers, manage the inventory accordingly, plan your workforce and enhance your customers’ experience with you.

The proactive approach often helps you win the game. The three key benefits of Gypsee Smart Service Centres are explained better below.

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