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Experience The Best Knowledge On Driver Training Program

Experience The Best Knowledge On Driver Training Program

Learn How To Drive With Driver Training Program

Gypsee Smart Driver Training Program is an online program that gives you a rock-solid foundation to become a great, safe driver! It’s a Technology-Based Training & Learning Virtual Platform that prepares Learners for the Information age & Data-Driven Improvement Plans powered by the GYPSEE Automotive.

Aiming to bring out the very best in the driving community, we enhance your driving skills to become a confident and smart driver. 

How Does Gypsee Smart Driver Training Program Help Traditional Driving Schools?

Gypsee is recognised as a name par excellence in the industry and has a proven record of their products and services. Being the city’s most irrespective of whether you are a novice or an existing driver, Gypsee Smart Driving Platform will train you to be confident and well versed with safe and good driving practices. 

Driven by cutting-edge technologies and training curriculum, Gypsee Smart Driver Training Program has evolved and redefined the standards of driving for the people. And has come up with this virtual platform that prepares learners for the information age and data driven improvement plans.

Gypsee SDTP can change the way traditional driving school functions. With Gypsee SDTP, the traditional driving schools can now create safe drivers rather than just creating usual drivers.

The schools get access to driver behaviour analytics of their students, they have data to monitor, understand and analyse how their students drive, what are their weaknesses and strengths, where and what to improve etc. 

Gypsee SDTP would enable you to train your students better and to make data driven decisions & improvements. 

If your students permit, the schools can monitor and share feedback on their driving skills,  even after the formal driver training has ended and ensure their safety on the road. 

Below are the benefits which would revolutionize the landscape of driving. The Traditional Driving Schools – Let’s join hands & create better tomorrow, safer roads & smarter drivers.

  1. Driver Behavior Analytics
  2. Post Training Guide “Gypsee Drive”
  3. RTO Exam Guides
  4. Data-Driven Improvements
  5. Online Driver Training Program 
  6. Dashboard Visualisation
  7. Connected Cars
  8. Add your Customer

How Gypsee Makes You Safer, Better & Smarter Driver

Gypsee Smart Driving helps a lot in your preparation for the DMV driver’s license test by providing easy and convenient tools for learning all those laws, signs, and situations, as well as for effective training before your exam. 

This Smart Driving app prepares you for all kinds of knowledge you require for permit tests, including the CDL test and motorcycle test. Just launch the Gypsee Drive Safe app whenever or wherever you want and practice the knowledge test questions while you are on the go!

Our instructor training is very thorough and we will do much more than just acquaint you with expert driving skills. Our techniques are imparted in a step-by-step program. This also prepares you for real-life DMV driver’s license tests, thus making you feel comfortable with it beforehand.

User-Friendly filtering is also available to choose knowledge test questions on a particular topic you want to practice. Our Practice Test tool provides questions from all sections of the Driver’s Manual, thus completely mimicking the real motorcycle, CDL, and car test. User-friendly interface

The GYPSEE SDTP app feature is easy to use due to its intuitive navigation, fast downloading, and well-thought-out functionality. 

The curriculum includes online testing & an industry-exclusive in-car driving guide. The driver’s ed programs are designed to walk you through the driver’s permit and driver license test conveniently from your mobile device.

It also provides you with enhanced 24/7 access to instructions, tools and practises quizzes. Learn with interactive content that keeps you engaged and focused. You’ll be in the driver’s seat in no time. With this app designed to match any DL class, you don’t need to enrol in a driving school. 

How To Be A Part Of Gypsee Smart Driver Training Program!

It is an application and is complemented by a smart dashboard to monitor, analyse, understand, evaluate and improve. The traditional business schools simply need to write to us @ [email protected]/ [email protected] or call on the our official number: +91- 63629 48112

Afterwards, you can become a partner in just 6steps!! That easy:

  • Application Received via call or mail
  • Partnership Consultation
  • Partner Training
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Account Created 
  • Go LIVE 

To know more about how Gypsee is great for creating more opportunities, better revenue and giving you an upper hand on your competition , visit gypsee.ai or download the ‘Gypsee Drive Safe’ application from Playstore.

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