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The Best Insurance For Your Smart Car | Car Insurance Online

The Best Insurance For Your Smart Car | Car Insurance Online

Generally today almost everything available to us can and sometimes, should be insured. And a car is one thing that has to have an insurance policy covering it.

A car insurance for your vehicle is a necessity. It might not seem very important at present, but at a farther time you’d thank the heavens for being smart and spending for car insurance.

At Gypsee, we understand and recognize the importance of a good car insurance policy for your vehicle. With that kept in mind, we have curated the Gypsee smart car insurance package consisting of all the major and minor needs of your beloved ride. 

With our online car insurance policy, you automatically become eligible for some big discounts on Gypsee Drive & can drive safe.

We’ll link you to 1400+ Cashless Network Garages for you to choose from all over India.

Our services for car insurance is a smooth sailing ship, and our paperless claim management system makes for an easy and zero-hectic claim settlement. Our policy also clears out the hassle from your end when you move to renew car insurance.

You can also avail doorstep pickup, repair, and drop with 6 months repair warranty for repairs at our network garages as part of our online car insurance policy.

We also provide on demand roadside assistance for anything from tyre change to fuel delivery and you can access this feature from your Gypsee android mobile application.

With our car insurance, receive up to 25% cashback on the premium paid through various offers listed on our website. 

Smart Car Insurance


Any car insurance has to not only insure your car but also has to assure the overall safety of the vehiclw.

And if you’re worried about the hassles of signing on a new policy, our online car insurance can be instantly accessed.

We understand the stress that goes with signing on to a new policy and the struggle to renew car insurance. Hence we believe in clearing as many obstacles as possible from the path of our customers.

So, wait no longer and look no further; hurry up and get your car insured!

To know more about how the Gypsee drive safe app is a great buy for car owners, visit gypsee.ai or download the ‘Gypsee Drive Safe‘ application from Playstore.

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