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The Best Affordable OBD2 Scanner For Smart Cars In India

The Best Affordable OBD2 Scanner For Smart Cars In India

Gypsee aims to provide you with hassle-free driving with its high-standards  and world-class technology to enhance your driving experience. Gypsee homes to not only make your every drive safest, smartest & happiest but also offers other benefits that are EXCLUSIVE to our DriveClub members.

Roadside Assistance & Towing Services

Love driving but scared of unexpected car breakdowns associated with it ? DON’T know what to do in such situations? Just download the Gypsee application and tap on assistance. With Gypsee you can easily avail on demand pay as you use roadside assistance and towing services 24/7/365 Pan India. Perhaps, driving is made easier when it’s hassle-free.

Smart GPS tracker for your car

Do you often forget where you’ve parked your car – especially when shopping? But with Gypsee, Our Smart GPS tracking system will help you find your car, so that you can enjoy more and worry less.

Real-time Health & performance tracking for your car

Paying car bills can be especially frustrating when you don’t even know what’s wrong with your car. But do you want to know about your car’s Performance and Health? Gypsee backs you up with a perfect solution with it’s Intelligent car scanner recognized to be the Best Car Scanner in India.  Get real-time health and performance of your car with just a click. Don’t let unexpected car breakdowns happen to you. 

Best Car Services near YOU

Do you doubt getting the best car services for what you pay ? Do car service days make you irritable because of the lump sum money you’ve to pay for the deal? ‘Best’ is a promise built with trust. With Gypsee get the Best car servicing in a very affordable price and save on your annual car servicing. Only for Gypsee users, check the offers listed on our website or Gypsee App now. 

Rewards for safe driving

As we said Gypsee cares for you and your car, you can earn with your driving habits and behavior. Drive safe and earn exciting offers. 

Safe, Smart & Happy driving is Gypsee driving.

Download the Gypsee application or visit the website www.gypsee.ai 

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